Our Team


We are a group of dedicated professionals who combine a passion for the industry with decades of expertise to create the ultimate dealership service. With a proven track record of lasting relationships with dealerships far and wide and an unmatched level of industry knowledge, we have all the tools required to provide the assistance

that you have been searching for.


At the core of our business belief is that to create something that others will love, you must love it yourself. That’s why we embrace the challenge of treating each customer and their inventory as our only customer. Our goal is to provide a service that exceeds all your expectations. We always welcome the chance to work with new dealerships and to forge new relationships where we can work directly with you to create images and listings that we are proud to label it as...  "AD CREATED BY AUTOMOTIVE ENHANCEMENT".


The Market Leaders

As heart and soul car enthusiasts, we know that no two cars are the same.

Each Vehicle has an individual personality and story to tell. We engage this through detailed photography and quality descriptions to define those characteristics. Our goal is to showcase each unit so well that your customers can clearly envision their ownership as they view your online ads.


Our diligent approach speaks for itself. With businesses across several states working with us on a daily basis, we have created a network of long term satisfied customers with NO contracts, and a portfolio of advertising to be proud of. We approach everything from the point of view of the customer, and include exactly what they want to see and nothing less. Our Wholesale Condition Reports, for sites such as OVE, help avoid any post sale issues. Copies are given to dealerships and they often see things on our reports they may wish to address for retail.


By producing clean, crisp images and expertly written listings and descriptions, we add value to your business and increase the perceived value of your entire inventory. It’s this simple philosophy, combined with years of experience and expertise, that allows your business and ours to stay at the forefront of the industry.



What We Do

Automotive Enhancement photography focuses on the finer details that make online listing a success.

We believe in  photographing sequentially so that we can take every customer on an engaging journey through your inventory. We pay attention to perspective, lighting, and artistic value to create images that highlight the aesthetics and functionality of every vehicle we work with. This enables your potential buyers to envision ownership.  By creating something that people visually appreciate, we can drive your online business to better conversions and sales while keeping the customer at the center of the experience. We Offer 3 Levels of services that can be custom tailored to the needs of each individual dealership.



...proud to label it as:



What FUELS Our...



Our Service Exceeds ALL Expectations





















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To discuss how we can transform your business, call or text 518-821-2685 today. We are happy to arrange a face-to-face meeting at your earliest convenience!


At  Automotive Enhancement photography, we have an eye for detail and a passion for remaining up-to-date with the very latest marketing trends in the industry.


In one of the most competitive businesses in the world, staying ahead of the curve is essential. We work tirelessly to provide a top rated service that can transform any and every dealership. The remaining Mom and Pop stores as well as massive franchise stores and everything in between...we are ready to help!


You have found the finest in the market, lets get started today.




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