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Finding a 2006 Subaru STI that has never been modified is a RARE Find Indeed......This 2 Owner Clean Car Fax Subie takes that find to a whole new level! Summer Driver ONLY!!

Car Properly Stored EVERY Winter !! 

 Service History since NEW! Binder of Invoices and Receipts organized by date. Anything this car has needed has been done using OEM Subaru parts/HAWK Brake Pads. Most recently that included at 138K FULL Timing Belt/Water Pump/ALL Tensioners/Belts/Spark Plugs/Coil and more! nearly $2000 Service! NO Expense has ever been spared to keep this car in TOP condition! Regular Mobil 1 Oil Changes! Differentials Serviced at Dealer and the list goes on and on!

The Exterior Glows ! Overall the finish is like NEW. The hood and front Bumper has some small chips however you would NEVER look at this car and guess the mileage! I did NOT drive this car on dirt roads. I have never taken this car to the track and its never been abused. Something that is NOT common with ANY Subaru let alone and STi.

The Interior is beautiful! I can count literally only 4-5 times anyone sat in the rear or passenger seats! They are LIKE NEW! The Drivers seat although still very nice has some wear on the upper Left Bolster however very minor. The photos you see of the car are how IT ALWAYS LOOKS!!! Always cleaned and waxed and shined.

I have 2 Sets of OEM BBS Wheels. Currently the car is sitting on the SILVER Wheels with the Proper OEM Bridgestone RE070 Tires. Also included is a set of Freshly Refinished BBS GOLD wheels I planned to use at next tire swap next Spring.

This car has NEVER Been modified. I purchased the car in May 2007 with aproxx 30K Miles. I had a PIONEER AVIC Navigation/Bluetooth/SATT Receiver installed at that time with Subwoofer. The STOCK radio is included however you will enjoy having the modern convenience of at least Bluetooth Audio to listen to your phone. The 119K Miles I put on this car were all highway so I need to switch the radio. It can be switched back very simply. NOTHING was cut just Plug and play. The SIRRUS Subscription was a Prepaid LIFETIME so you are covered for good!

The car still retains the OEM Factory Exhaust it had in 2006 Still In Excellent Condition ! I will be adding undercarriage Photos soon!

I have a complete set of 4 BRAND NEW Subaru SPT Strut Bushings that are included in the sale. The Current bushings are noisy .

The Current struts are the Originals from 2006. Although they are in fine working order the Bushings are noisy from time to time. Common with this model. Included is a complete EXTRA set of 2006 STI OEM Struts and springs that I purchased used. My plan was to send them to FEAL suspension and have them refinished/rebuilt/Zerk Fittings added and then have them installed in car with the New Subaru Bushings. I have NOT had time to do any of that however they are cleaned/boxed and ready to be sent out if you wanted to go that route.

The brakes on the car are in Excellent condition! Also included in the sale are the original OEM BREMBO Rotors that were removed from car aproxx 30K Miles. They have been coated and ready to be machined /  an extra set of HAWK rear pads.

The motor runs flawlessly and never misses a beat! It pulls strong through every gear! The Clutch and transmission works like NEW!

In 2007 I went to dealership and got all the SPT and sales flyers I could find and they are included in the binder.

Original Factory Books/Blue Carpet Mats and OEM All Weather Subaru Mats included.
Main Key/Remote/Valet and Spare Key Included and more!

VIN JF1GD70696L501529

The price is high. If you want to text me or email to let me know that feel free however there is not as nice of a 2006 on the market ANYWHERE!

Open to reasonable offers . Text 518-821-2685

There is an open recall on the air Bags which I have not received Notice of Parts availability.                         

Please call or text 518-821-2685

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